“November 21, 2009 – I call it my life day. Ever since then, I owe my life to STARS.”

A hunting trip and a day in the woods with his son nearly turned tragic when Jody Holba’s firearm accidently misfired.

When the sling on his rifle broke, the gun sent a bullet through his shoulder blade and out his armpit.

Knowing the severity of the situation and not wanting to die in front of his son, Jody acted quickly. He was fortunate to have cell phone reception in his remote location so he called 911. His lungs were bruised and collapsing. Help needed to arrive quickly.

Because he was on an island surrounded by 92-metre cliffs, an ambulance drive was out of the question. With careful maneuvering, STARS was able locate and land at Jody’s position and transport him safely to hospital. It was there that he was treated for eight broken ribs, a fractured scapula, a bruised heart, and damage to his lungs.

Thanks to STARS, Jody is enjoying once again enjoying time outdoors with his family.

“Without STARS and without allies supporting them, I wouldn’t be here. My family wouldn’t have a father.”

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