Driven to support STARS, Guy LeBlanc wanted to do something incredible to raise funds. His solution: cycling his way across this vast country. The trip didn’t always go as planned, but he persevered and grew from the experience, much like his friend, Jeremy Carabeo grew after his experience with STARS.

It was when Jeremy was involved in a mountain biking accident and Guy saw first-hand how STARS assists people in need that he knew he wanted to help out any way he could.

Starting in Vancouver, Guy’s goal was to raise awareness and $5,000 for STARS. With the level of support and generosity that our allies share, before even starting the trip he was able to raise that amount.

The three month trek brought him across Canada to Halifax, and with the backing of many allies along the way, Guy was motivated and able to greatly surpass his fundraising goal, and bring in $13,000 for our cause.

After his recovery, Jeremy was able to join Guy on the ride from Calgary to Regina, an accomplishment on its own. “Thank you very much for your generosity. You work hard for your money, and you donate it and encourage me. I feel grateful for that. People were willing to help me, and we did it together. This is teamwork.”

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