While he has no memory of that horrible day in August 2004, Jeff Doyle knows that STARS changed his life forever when he was involved in a motor vehicle collision. Jeff was transported to the University of Alberta Hospital by STARS with critical injuries.

“I suffered a brain injury, shattered right ankle, blown blood vessel in my left eye, and a broken bone below my left knee,” said Jeff. “When my wife, Marcy, arrived at the hospital she was told that I had less than a 10 per cent chance of survival, but after surgery I overcame the odds and spent the next 17 days in the Intensive Care Unit.”

Since the accident, Jeff has taken the time to reflect on what happened early that summer day. He has come to realize not to take anything for granted.

“I know I’m here today because of the emergency response teams, including the STARS crew, who responded quickly and provided the medical care that saved my life,” Jeff said. “I believe that if I had not been flown by STARS the outcome might have been different. I am truly grateful for their efforts that day.”

Jeff’s strongest supporters have been his family; his wife of 13 years, Marcy, and their two sons Austin and Justin. The children were young at the time of the accident and now that they have grown, Jeff has shared with them the story of how STARS helped save his life. “Today, they know that when they see the red helicopter, someone like their dad is in need of help,” Jeff adds.

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