Jayden Clearihue experienced a medical emergency so severe, crews were unsure if he would survive, let along lead a normal life again. As Jayden went to bed on Feb. 21, 2013, the nine year old became short of breath. He suffers from asthma and a few puffs of his inhaler typically helps, but not this time. Jayden deteriorated quickly, losing consciousness and going into cardiac arrest. His mom Ashlee called 911 while his dad Jamie began CPR.

Paramedics arrived and whisked Jayden to Whitecourt Healthcare Centre by ground, but his condition worsened. STARS was dispatched as Jayden needed to get to a larger trauma centre quickly. STARS’ paramedic Howie Koch restored Jayden’s breathing, before attaching him to a ventilator while the pilots flew to Edmonton’s Stollery Children’s Hospital. His parents were warned that on the small chance Jayden survived, he would likely have long-term health impacts.

Incredibly, Jayden made a full recovery and recently, the family met his crew at the Edmonton base.

“The last time they saw Jayden, no one thought he would survive and here he is laughing and joking around with his flight crew,” said Ashlee. “We are so thankful.

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