When Jaired Heinrichs was a teenager, he caught on fire while burning leaves with gas in his family’s yard.

Thanks to his quick-thinking, he did what we’ve all been taught if our body or clothes catch fire: stop, drop and roll. While he was able to snuff the flames, Heinrichs sustained serious burns.

“I felt something hot shoot up my arm,” said Heinrichs. “I looked and saw my arm on fire. There was no gas on my shirt, none whatsoever, it was the fumes.”

Although his quick actions extinguished the fire, it was clear he needed immediate medical care for his burns.

His mother rushed him from their rural and remote home to the nearest hospital, where medical staff began treating his burns and breathing issues. Time wasn’t on his side, so STARS was called to quickly transport him to a larger trauma centre in the city, where he spent more than four weeks in recovery.

Heinrichs knows that support from allies like you made all the difference in receiving the timely and talented care he needed. “STARS was a part of my recovery journey, and I cannot thank them enough.”

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