Twenty minutes after I posed for a selfie and sent it to my wife, I nearly died of a heart attack.

I was healthy and happy and never dreamed my heart would fail at age 56 while downhill skiing.

At first, I either ignored the signs or didn’t recognize the symptoms and went from turning down the slopes
to lying on a stretcher.

My world quickly changed as I struggled to breathe. My medical crew gave me oxygen and tried to keep my heart beating. As the helicopter lifted off from the ski hill I remember looking up at my flight nurse and thinking: I can’t miss my son’s wedding.

Not only did I make it to his wedding, I am back on the ski hill.

I will never forget how an entire team of medical professionals used their skills, training and compassion to fight for my life.

Every day, I think of the stent in my heart and remember the fear my family and I experienced.

We all feel fortunate to still be together and are thankful to STARS for giving us this chance.

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