When Glen Recknell was critically injured in a watercraft incident, he wasn’t expecting to make a lifelong friend.

But since the crash that nearly took his life, Recknell and STARS paramedic Troy Pauls have formed a formidable bond.

“Not only did STARS save my life, they continued to stay in touch,” said Recknell, who is grateful for the care and compassion from his crew. “I was in such bad shape that I don’t think they ever expected to see me again.”

Recknell was injured when his personal watercraft skipped across a lake and plowed into a sand bar. The momentum tossed Recknell into the air. The hard landing left him with a severe spinal cord injury that threatened to take his life.

Today, Recknell has walked an amazing 204 steps with some assistance and gives back to STARS every chance he gets. In 2018 he helped STARS launch the 2018 calendar, which includes a feature photo of Recknell and Pauls together.

Pauls said he is humbled by the opportunity to work for STARS and finds inspiration in patients like Recknell. “Seeing patients recover and stay motivated despite their injuries is the icing on the cake.”

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