Esther Stern, 34 weeks pregnant with her first child, and husband Wade were travelling from their rural farm near Keoma to Calgary to attend a prenatal class. As they headed through an uncontrolled intersection on a gravel road, a pick up truck entered their path and the two vehicles collided. Both cars left the road, with Esther and her husband crashing into a heavy duty utility box.

When Esther regained consciousness, Airdrie paramedics were there.  As they assessed her condition, Esther’s water broke and she went into premature labour. STARS was called to provide rapid transport for the pregnant woman, while her husband was carried by ground ambulance to hospital for treatment of a concussion and broken sternum.

STARS carried Esther to Foothills Medical Centre where she regained consciousness and a nurse helped her through contractions.  Esther’s injuries included a damaged spleen, dislocated shoulder, broken pelvis and cracked shoulder blade. Physicians determined the baby was going to be born in a breech position, so opted for an emergency C-section.

Fortunately, the baby was safely delivered at four pounds, one ounce. Esther would not meet her new daughter for five days as she continued to drift in and out of consciousness while beginning her recovery.

Baby Kaycee and mom remained in hospital for a month while Esther continued her recovery. Kaycee is now 16 years old, and has two younger sisters – Samantha and Paige.  Says Esther, “I know without STARS neither Kaycee nor I would be alive and we wouldn’t have a family.  I am so thankful.”

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