The Harms family was relaxing by the fire at a farm in Warman, SK after an exciting day of snowmobiling and playing outdoors on Feb. 17, 2013. As three-year-old Emmitt and his father, Jerry, sat on an idling snowmobile, the curious boy began checking out the machine. He was afraid, so his father was sitting with him, trying to calm his fears.

“They weren’t wearing helmets at the time because they were not planning a ride,” said mother, Lisa Harms.

Unexpectedly, Emmitt hit the throttle, lunging the snowmobile forward into a parked truck. While his father was tossed into the air, landing in the truck bed, Emmitt slammed into the handlebars of the snow machine, cutting his head open and knocking him out. Lisa watched the incident unfold from inside the farm house.

“I couldn’t believe what I was watching,” she said. “I was so sure it was going to end very badly for my husband and son.”

STARS was dispatched to the property to carry Emmitt to Saskatoon, then he was transported by ground ambulance to Royal University Hospital.  There, he received 17 stitches to his head. Once he recovered, Emmitt and his family visited the base in Saskatoon to offer thanks to his crew, becoming that base’s first official VIP. Today, father and son have recovered from their injuries, but they will never forget what happened that Family Day weekend.

“It gives us comfort to know that STARS in the sky,” said Lisa. “We always hoped we would never need the service, but are so grateful it’s there.”

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