Denise Seeley had been feeling run down for a few months before she developed strep throat. She thought the virus would simply run its course but one day, she realized something was seriously wrong and went to the emergency ward in Hinton.

At first, IV antibiotics were prescribed and she drove back and forth for the treatment. Within two days, she was too ill to drive and remained overnight in hospital. Denise had developed an invasive throat infection, and a new type of antibiotic was prescribed.

“At the rapid rate the infection was closing my airway, we could not afford to wait and see if the new antibiotic would work,” said Denise.  “STARS was called and brought a medical physician in case an emergency surgical airway procedure had to be performed while in transit.”

Denise recalled drifting in and out of consciousness on the helicopter ride, the whole time being reassured by the STARS air medical crew.

“They were so professional and concerned for my well being,” she said. “I will never forget how they cared.”

Shortly after receiving treatment enroute to the University of Alberta Hospital in Edmonton, her symptoms started to subside. Denise spent four days in hospital while medical personnel brought it under control. She went through several more months of recovery but is now completely back to normal.

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