Dawn Sabeski and a friend were en route to a conference, when an oncoming vehicle swerved into their lane and struck their vehicle head-on. The devastating crash claimed the life of her friend and left Sabeski with many significant injuries.

She was transported by ground ambulance to nearby hospital where it was determined she needed immediate transport to a larger trauma centre. STARS was dispatched to provide the rapid transport and critical care she desperately required. 

“If it wasn’t for STARS I would not be here today. They had the equipment that was needed while I was still being transported to the hospital. The quick transportation they provided saved my life. The team aboard the helicopter that day was amazing.”

Sabeski’s long road to recovery is ongoing but she remains thankful STARS was there for her during her time of need.  She has shown her appreciation by volunteering her time to support STARS.

STARS really does save lives. Without STARS there would be so many people not here today.” 

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