Charity Edwards was just 10 years old when she was struck by a car while riding her bicycle.

“I remember everything about that day,” said her dad Justin Edwards. “Getting a phone call from my older daughter, hysterical on the phone, crying, “Charity got hit! Charity got hit!” He rushed to Charity’s side and found her unconscious on the shoulder of the road with a serious head injury.

A person already on scene had turned her head to keep her from choking. She was about 60 km away from the hospital, and time was a major factor, so STARS was called.

“They flew down and came and picked me up and flew me to the Children’s Hospital,” said Charity, smiling cheerfully while visiting the STARS base more than a year after her accident. It wasn’t the first time she’d met her flight crew and others who had helped to save her life. That reunion came on her 11th birthday, two months after her accident, when the hospital gave her a day pass to attend her own birthday party.

“In order to thank everyone who was involved,” said Justin, “people from the community, the fire department, STARS crew, even the guy that turned her head that saved her life, showed up at the party. It was a great potluck, she got lots of presents, got to meet everyone. It was great that they came out and showed their support.” She was happy to greet a bunch of them again when she stopped by our base.

“I wanted to meet and remember the people who came and helped me survive,” she smiled. Justin is grateful for everyone who was part of her chain of survival. “I’m just very thankful she’s still here with me today,” he said. “I can still go into her room, to this day, and look at her bed and think, ‘You know what? If things had been different, she wouldn’t be here.’”

Watch Charity share her story here.

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