Being in a car crash is scary.

When I was six, I was thrown through the windshield of our family car onto the highway, close to my home.

I was on my way to school.

My body was very sore and I had a really bad brain injury. My family was very worried about me. Our house was far away from a big city, so the paramedics knew to call STARS so the helicopter could carry me to hospital quickly. I was in a coma for three weeks and more than 400 people came to visit me.

Today, I am so much better. I go to Grade 5 where my favourite subject is math. My teachers and my grandmother help me do my school work. I also play lacrosse and bug my brother a lot. Most importantly, my hockey team went undefeated last season. I really hope we can do that this year, too.

Even though being in a helicopter was cool, I don’t think I want it to happen again.

I know that it took a whole bunch of people working together to save my life and that makes me happy.

Thank you to everyone who helps STARS help kids like me.

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