I never knew what STARS was until the day I needed to be rescued.

While dirt biking with my family, I lost control driving too fast over a hill. I landed face down in the gravel, with my bike on top of me.

One of my leg bones was sticking out of my skin and it hurt a lot. I was so scared, I asked my mom if I was going to die.

When the STARS crew arrived, my mom says she felt instant relief. Thanks to the pain medication they gave me, I can even remember some of the helicopter ride.

The surgeon put metal rods in my leg for four months. I had to do lots of tough physiotherapy, but my family told me I could get better faster than anyone. While I was recovering I learned to play the guitar—my favourite song to play is “Angie,” by The Rolling Stones.

I am working hard to regain my skills as a hockey defenceman. My first season back after my injury I scored a goal and stopped many more! I also play baseball and go dirt biking, too. I think a lot more about safety now.

My family and I feel better knowing that STARS is there.

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