The moment plays like a movie loop, around and around in Wayne Skaley’s head.

“The van turned across two lanes of traffic in front of Brittany’s motorcycle, and she braced for impact. She went so hard on the brakes smoke blew off her tires and she flew through the air.”

Brittany Skaley and her father, Wayne, were 15 kilometres into a motorcycle trip in northern Alberta when the collision happened on June 4, 2011. Brittany was leading when a van pulled off the shoulder to turn left across the QE2, south of Rycroft. Brittany, 26, collided with the van.

Because she was an hour away from hospital by ground, STARS was requested.

“When STARS said yes, I knew she was in good hands,” said Wayne.

Brittany was flown to Grande Prairie’s QE2 Hospital, where she was treated for broken bones and a brain injury.

Today, she and her family volunteer for STARS any chance they get. “STARS got me to hospital quickly and safely,” said Brittany. “I can’t imagine where I would be if they weren’t available that day.”

Wayne, agrees: “Our movie could’ve ended differently. Instead, we have a happier ending.”

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