Briar Howie was just 16 days old when he caught a cold that turned into life-threatening pneumonia.

“By Day 3, my mother’s-instinct kicked in and I thought something was seriously wrong with him,” said Briar’s mom, Andrea Howie.

She took her son to the local hospital, where her son was immediately intubated, and STARS was called to transport him to a critical-care centre in the city.

“We spent eight days in ICU, and then on Day 8 he rebounded just like that. It was a close call, by the sounds of it.”

Howie told her story during a visit to the STARS base, her young son by her side.

“Are you crying?” he looked at his mom.

“Just a little bit,” she smiled.

Briar, who now only has mild asthma and is otherwise healthy, was happy to visit the STARS hangar and see the iconic red helicopter up close.

“I just felt that we owed it to STARS and the people who were in the helicopter that day to give our thanks that he’s here with us,” said Howie. “It’s kind of given us peace of mind and tied everything together.”

She’s grateful for the allies who make STARS possible.

“I’ve become a donor myself. Our whole family is. We try to give whenever possible. I’ve told everyone that I know to donate because he’s just living proof that this organization does work, and it needs the donors to stand behind them to help out.”

Briar smiled broadly and then giggled.

“Thank you!” he beamed.

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