Blaine Huston was preparing for a highlight of every teenager’s youth – high school graduation, when his life took a dramatic turn.

“We were on our way to get my grad suit and were turning onto the highway when a car behind us rear-ended us and sent us into the ditch.”

Blaine was diagnosed with a broken femur and was transported to hospital via STARS helicopter out of concern about potential complications from the crash, including bleeding so badly from the break that he might need a transfusion. Because STARS carries blood on board the helicopter, our crew was dispatched.

Upon arrival at the hospital, doctors confirmed Blaine’s femur was broken but, fortunately, there were no other injuries.

“I didn’t think that day I was going need STARS, but I did, and it’s great to support them so they’re around when you do need them. It’s a great organization to donate to.”

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