Audrey and her husband were in Whitecourt for an annual lobster boil when they decided to take an ATV ride before her husband was to help cook lobsters.

Audrey, a relatively inexperienced driver, put her helmet on and accompanied about 10 other ATV enthusiasts out. As they made they way across a river, and up a hill, Audrey’s machine got high-centered on the hill, and when she gave it a bit too much gas, it went straight up in the air, throwing her off onto the ground. The quad landed on top of her.

When her friends removed the machine, she could barely breathe. A couple of the riders went to the nearest highway and flagged down help.

Volunteer firefighters responded and took Audrey to the highway with an Argo. As they were doing so, they called STARS.

STARS met them at the Whitecourt helipad and took Audrey to the University of Alberta Hospital in Edmonton. She had 10 cracked ribs on her left side, a cut to her spleen and fluid between her ribs and lungs.

Audrey remembers bits and pieces of her ride with STARS, and recalls being reassured by the flight nurse during her transport.

Meanwhile, she said they didn’t get to enjoy the lobster boil, so her friends gave their meals to the volunteer firefighters who responded!

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