When STARS picked Anthony White up from the Grande Cache Community Health Complex he was unresponsive. Not long after, his family received a devastating phone call from his healthcare team.

“They told my son I was in such desperate shape I may not make it through the night,” said Anthony. “My son, Michael, drove from Edmonton to Grande Prairie in a snow storm to be with me. Thankfully, STARS was there to save my life.”

Anthony, who was living with Hepatitis B, became critically ill in February, 2009. His liver was failing and he was awaiting test results in hospital when he collapsed. Doctors determined he needed urgent care in Grande Prairie.

“Time was not on my side, so STARS was called in the hope I would make it there quickly.” Shortly after his flight, Anthony underwent two liver transplants, including a living donation from Michael. Anthony, now 68, is forever grateful for his helicopter ride.

“Without STARS I wouldn’t be here today.”

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