One moment Amanda Burt was shopping with girlfriends and the next she nearly lost her life in a high-speed crash on a remote country road.

“We were driving through an uncontrolled intersection,” she said. “When we got about halfway through that intersection, my little hatchback was hit by a three-quarter ton truck, and we were hit so hard we ended up 150 feet into the farmer’s field.”

A ground ambulance carried her to the nearest rural hospital, where STARS picked her up and transported her to tertiary care in the city.

She’s grateful to STARS and all the first responders who were there for her that night.

“They saved my life,” she said. “They’re the reason I’m alive. I’d be dead in a farmer’s field without them. I owe them my life.”

She spent the next 13 months in hospital and has endured through years of rehabilitation, but she hasn’t let it slow down her positive spirit.

“You have two choices: let whatever happened cripple you, or let it fuel you. I decided to get up and keep fighting.”

Her family is proud of how far she’s come in her recovery and grateful to the allies who gave her the opportunity.

“To the people who donate and keep STARS flying, keep it up,” said her father, Randy Burt. “It’s an absolutely invaluable resource. I believe it gave our daughter a chance that she wouldn’t have had otherwise.”

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