My family lives in a remote, rural town.

So when I became so sick that I had a fever and my heart started racing, my mom was really scared.

When the pain was almost too much to bear, we went to our town’s hospital.

Medical staff knew I needed urgent critical care and called for STARS to help.

Thankfully, I arrived at the hospital just in time for emergency surgery.

Being that sick has made me realize how precious life is. One minute you can be just fine and the next you are fighting for your life.

That’s why I try my best at everything I do.

My family is very proud that I have honours in all my subjects. At the same time, I play volleyball, badminton and basketball.

I know that STARS saved my life that day.

That’s why I’m so happy that my family always supported STARS – just in case any of us ever needs the helicopter to land in our town.

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