In-flight data transfer

STARS has partnered with Skytrac to be the first helicopter air ambulance provider in North America to trial secure in-flight transfer of vital signs from medical devices on board the helicopter to transport physicians on the ground.

We are running a pilot project to determine how this innovation can help better incorporate transport physicians into treatment decisions for patients while they are in pre-hospital environments.

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Transport physician dispatch pilot

This pilot project sees transport physicians inside the STARS Emergency Link Centre three days a week for an eight-hour shift, saving time in the transfer of information.

This provides an opportunity to improve access to patient medical records, provide real-time support, and foster better integration of the doctors and the ELC.

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blood on board

STARS was the first helicopter air ambulance provider to stock blood supplies at our bases so we could quickly access this life-saving resource immediately when responding to an incident, saving a stop-over at a hospital en-route.

This pilot program was quickly expanded across all our bases, and today, every STARS base stocks two units of Type O Negative blood, ready for patients who may require it.

H145 fleet renewal

H145 medical interiorWhen life hangs in the balance, having the most reliable air ambulances available can mean the difference between life and death.

The medical interior is state-of-the-art, and just like our existing fleet, it provides our air medical crews with a flying intensive care unit in which to care for patients.