The STARS Emergency Contact Centre is a service offered by the STARS Emergency Link Centre (ELC). 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our team of communication professionals provide live answers and can facilitate your emergency response protocol.

The STARS ECC can provide you with three types of emergency response plan services depending on your organization’s needs:

Emergency Call Answer Services

Staffed around the clock, our call centre:

  • Responds to multiple calls quickly
  • Provides a consistent answer service
  • Customizes an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) to meet your organization’s needs
  • Facilitates your emergency response protocol
  • Uses Geographical Information Systems (GIS) mapping technology to confirm locations
  • Educates and provides outreach for your EH&S team and field staff

Incident notification and call out services

We notify an unlimited number of individuals by telephone, email and text messaging of an incident. Our system has the ability to:

  • Use pre-recorded messages to provide instructions on how to proceed during an emergency
  • Connect your EH&S team to key stakeholders, emergency response personnel and community leaders through conference calling
  • Provide real-time reports outlining who has been contacted

Work alone monitoring

Our Work Alone Monitoring service provides peace of mind for your organization and your field staff while working in remote or dangerous locations. Our program allows you to:

  • Register the location of your employees utilizing the work alone system of your choice
  • Respond to panic alarms and “no motion” notifications
  • Activate your organization’s emergency response protocol when an incident occurs
  • Identify resources available at surrounding industry sites that have been registered
  • Deploy first responders in the event of a medical emergency