STARS currently operates a fleet of Airbus H145 and BK117 helicopters, which have been specially outfitted for helicopter EMS operations. At any given time, one helicopter is the primary, in-service aircraft at each of our bases and is available to respond to missions.

Airbus Helicopters H145

Number in fleet: 7
Entered STARS fleet: 2019
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Airbus Helicopters BK117

Number in fleet: 8
Entered STARS fleet: 1985
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AgustaWestland AW139

Entered STARS fleet: 2013
Retired from STARS fleet: September 2020

During their years in service, our AW139s flew more than 8,880 hours and 5,300 missions combined, helping us save thousands of lives. Thanks to our community allies for their generous support of this aircraft.

FLEET Renewal

To remain on the cutting edge of emergency medical care, the time has come to update our helicopters. In the summer of 2018, STARS unveiled our vision for a new fleet that will serve our patients for generations to come. To learn more, please visit fightinflight.ca.


In 2003, STARS became the first civilian air carrier to use NVG technology in Canada. Today, we continue to use this cutting-edge technology to enable safer flights for our crews, especially in mountainous terrain, which was previously inaccessible. Flight crews at all six STARS bases are trained in the use of NVGs.