Calendar Campaign

The annual STARS Calendar campaign is a long-standing and important fundraiser for STARS. The campaign has raised millions of dollars to-date with over 500,000 door-to-door visits made each year.

Each month, the calendar features moving patient stories of rescue and recovery, as well as images of our crew and our allies who make STARS possible.

STARS representatives canvass homes between July and February selling the STARS calendars for $30 each. Be sure to check the back cover for an exciting contest. Visit for more information.

If you miss the representative’s visit, please visit or call 1-877-778-8288 to order your calendar.

For more information, please email

When and where will STARS calendars be sold?

How much are the calendars being sold for?

Who are the STARS calendar representatives?

Can I get a tax receipt when I purchase a calendar?