Landing Zone Kit Requirements

To enhance the safety of our crews and patients while operating at remote scene locations, STARS calls upon operational partners to serve as landing zone officers during take-off and landing of our helicopters.

In order to ensure their safety, and that of the crew while in flight, STARS requests the use of specific equipment during landing zone operations.

Third-party safety suppliers and equipment manufacturers are encouraged to market helicopter landing zone kits containing a minimum complement of safety equipment, and are permitted to denote it as meeting or exceeding STARS requirements if the kits comply with the parameters below.

Required Landing Zone Kit Contents

Any landing zone kit marketed as meeting STARS requirements must contain, at minimum, the following items:

  • 4x | High-visibility landing zone marker lights
    red light colour
    steady or rotating pattern; light must not strobe
  • 2x | Handheld light wands
    steady light; must not strobe
  • 1x | Reflective vest
  • Applicable PPE for LZ officer comprising of, at minimum, eye and ear protection.

Important note

STARS does not review or endorse any manufacturer’s landing zone kit; our standard only specifies the equipment we ask manufacturers to include within. We strongly encourage you to thoroughly review the quality and suitability of the equipment within any landing zone kit you purchase. Contact our landing zone training team for further guidance if you have any questions or concerns.