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A composite image showing a doctor demonstrating using the STARS Virtual Care trial to share a live video feed of a mock patient from her phone to the air medical crew onboard a STARS helicopter who are viewing the patient on their phone. May 22, 2024 | ELC, Innovation, Medicine, Our Patients

STARS Virtual Care connects team with patients faster

STARS flight nurse Stuart Grant demonstrates the location of a finger thoracostomy procedure some STARS medical staff are being trained on. May 16, 2024 | Innovation, Medicine, Our Patients

Finger thoracostomy pilot project trains STARS teams to perform life-saving procedure

STARS Air Medical Crew work with local EMS to ready a patient from the staging point to a trauma centre. February 9, 2024 | Operations, Allies, Our Patients, Our Team

Working together to save lives in Carberry, Manitoba

A photo of STARS Flight Nurse Melvin Yumang readying a Prehospital Transfusion bag while preparing the helicopter for a mission. November 15, 2023 | Innovation, Medicine, Our Patients

Groundbreaking blood protocol launches in Manitoba

Portrait of STARS Very Important Patient Rory Stewart in the STARS Emergency Link Centre. August 10, 2023 | Our Patients, Operations

STARS saves patient; no helicopter required